Tutor Procedures

  • Assigning tutor to the student
    We will send an email with the new students info:
    • Students Name:
    • Parent:
    • Grade:
    • Parents Email:
    • Skype ID:
    • Desired time: twice a week on T R
    • What they are looking for:
      • homework help
      • concepts or skill brush up
      • contest preparations
      • follow the students text book
      • other

  • Prior to first session:
    • Login to skype and add students skype id and kwiznet.
    • Login to vyew
      • Prepare slides or store images on vyew storage
      • Invite the student via email
    • Get Kwiznet subscription for that grade

  • First Session:
    • Login 5 minutes before the session time.
    • Login to vyew and invite the student:
      • send link on skype chat
      • send email invite
      • Go to http://www.vyew.com and enter the meeting id number and login as guest.
      Assessment is given per parent request. Then the tutor will go over with the student and assess how much of the subject he/she knows their strengths and weekness.
      Parent or student can ask the tutor if they would like to study on a certain topic.
      Homework Assignment: The tutor will go with the pace of the student and assigns homework from kwiznet. The student will be sent username and password for say kwiznet grade 8 Math.
      When the student finishes the tutor will check his scores under their account automatically.
      Tutor may have kwiznet subscription as teacher and has access to students accounts to check their work.

  • During the session:
    The tutor can:
    • Bring in a picture from the web
    • Bring in a picture from harddish
    • store picture on vyew storege
    • share live desk top especially geogebra.com
    • capture pages from web or desktop applications and copy them to vyew classroom
  • Important: If there is no quiz in kwiznet for the topic of the class, please add a new chapter with question and answers.
  • If in the middle of the session you get logged off, please login back again and continue the session.
  • If you have any questions during the session send us a chat message. Send us a vyew chat message if you want the student also to see otherwise send the message via skype.
  • While teaching, you can use capture to get kwiznet to vyew and teach the class or have the captured image in vyew storage and pull up during class. If you like what you draw please save the image in the vyew storage so you can make an image. If you like a certain topic or subject you can record it via viewletcam and save it as swf file and upload on the server.
  • The session is hour long, so login 5-10 minutes early for setup time and then have 40-45 minutes of session and end it with homework or instuction to kwiznet login for homework.
  • Sessions are highly interactive. Tutors make sure that the student remains engaged throughout the process.
  • Each session includes problem solving to gauge the student's understanding.
  • Between sessions, the student can attempt kwiznet online quiz, which will further test his understanding of the material taught during the previous session.
  • Using the student's performance on the quiz, the tutor gauges the student's progress and customizes the next session
  • If the student cannot attend a scheduled session:
    • Please send an email to your tutor and support@Aim4A.com as soon as possible to cancel the session.
    • If you want a make up session, please discuss it with the tutor at the next scheduled session and find a mutually suitable time.
    • If the student fails to show up a the class without cancelling the class, the tutor is not obligated to give a make up class. However, if the student provides a reasonable explanation, we will work to provide a make up class. Again, the exact date/time for the make up class should be decided at next scheduled class.
  • If the tutor cannot attend a scheduled session:
    • The tutor will send an email to the student and support@Aim4A.com as soon as possible to cancel the session.
    • At the next scheduled session, the tutor will find a mutually suitable time for a make up session.
    • If the tutor fails to show up for any class due to unavoidable circumstances (e.g., Internet connectivity problem), the student/parent should send an email/Skype chat message to the tutor & support@Aim4A.com to indicate the missed class. Aim-for-A Tutoring will then work with you to provide additional classes or to extend your subscription period.