Aim-for-A Student Procedures

  • Online Tutoring Tools:
    • Computer
    • Broadband Internet connection
    • Headset with Microphone
    • Internet Telephone Software - Skype
    • Webconferencing Software - Vyew
    • Digital pen mouse or Cyber Tablet (optional)
  1. Prior to the 1st Session:
    • Please make sure that you (your student) has access to a computer with broadband Internet connection and microphone & speakers.
    • If you don't already have it, please download Skype Internet telephone software ( and get a Skype ID. Also, add 'kwiznet' to your Skype contacts list.
    • Let us know a convenient date & time to have the first tutoring session. Also, please indicate the grade level of your student and any special learning goals or needs your student has.
    • Also, please let us know your telephone number in case we have to talk to you during the initial set up.

  2. During the 1st Session:
    • Be at your computer and login to Skype at least 5 minutes before the session time.
    • Make sure that your microphone or headset is working fine by making a skype test call. You can find the skype test call on the skype contact list.
    • Make sure that your computer speakers are on and volume level is set high enough to hear the Skype phone ringing.
    • If you have already been assigned a specific tutor, please add your tutor's Skype Id to your contacts list.
    • Enter your virtual classroom using one of these methods (see the movie):
      • Click on the link that was sent to you in an email or through Skype chat box.
      • Or, go to and enter the meeting id number that was given to you. You may login as a guest.
    • Bookmark the web address of your virtual classroom for future use.
    • Based on the parent's request, the tutor may give the student an assessment test.
    • Parent and tutor decide on regular schedule for all future classes.
    • At the end of the class, the tutor will assign homework to the student (unless the parent requests otherwise). If the homework requires a subscription to kwizNET Learning System website, the student will be given a username and password.

  3. During the Regular Tutoring Sessions:
    • The tutor will review the homework done by the student and provide any help with it.
    • Based on the progress of the student, the tutor may review the previous week's lesson and/or move on to the next topic.
    • The tutor will assign new homework.

  4. If the student cannot attend a scheduled session:
    • Please send an email to your tutor and as soon as possible to cancel the session.
    • If you want a make up session, please discuss it with the tutor at the next scheduled session and find a mutually suitable time.
    • If the student fails to show up a the class without cancelling the class, the tutor is not obligated to give a make up class. However, if the student provides a reasonable explanation, we will work to provide a make up class. Again, the exact date/time for the make up class should be decided at next scheduled class.

  5. If the tutor cannot attend a scheduled session:
    • The tutor will send an email to the student and as soon as possible to cancel the session.
    • At the next scheduled session, the tutor will find a mutually suitable time for a make up session.
    • If the tutor fails to show up for any class due to unavoidable circumstances (e.g., Internet connectivity problem), the student/parent should send an email/Skype chat message to the tutor & to indicate the missed class. Aim-for-A Tutoring will then work with you to provide additional classes or to extend your subscription period.